Why do I speak dance?

Disclaimer: English is my second language I apologize in advance for any grammatical, or spelling mistakes this blog and its posts may contain.

This blog is built under the idea that dance is a language. It wants to be an invitation for open dialogue and discussion, a space for sharing opinions and experiences. It wants to work as a link between humans beings and their love for a discipline.

Dance can be a door to entertainment, to fun, to escape routine. Others, it can be a door that opens to dreams, to reflections, to meaningful experiences that allow us to reach the edge between the possible and impossible.

I want to speak dance because I want you to understand it. I want you to experience it. Because we all dance or will dance at least once in our lives. Dance is not exclusive for an elite, or for dancers, or choreographers, or artsy people. Dance is in everything, in nature, in music, in movies, fashion, sports, business… it is part of our diverse cultures and identities.

I want you to know stories from the people that live it everyday, from the onse that live from it, and the ones that don’t. Maybe one of them looks like you. In this dance wolrd there are poeple just like you: with dreams, desires, battles, and victories. You might have heard the names of a few or maybe you don’t. Either way, dance lives in them.

I believ dance is one of the purest forms of expression, and everyone can learn something from dancing, whether it comes from a theater performance, from a classroom, from a party, for dancing alone in your livingroom. Let me share with you my passion for dance, let me share our stories, our dances…

Welcome to DANZARTiCo. where speak dance.

Main Photo by: Lucía González 
Dancer: Mariela Cardona


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