5 lessons for the “real life” from Grease.

The classical teen musical turns 40! Set in the 50’s, Grease tells the story of 2 teenagers: Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and Danny (John Travolta). The two met over the summer and fall in love, later they met again in their last year of high school, where surrounded by their friends, they will learn several lessons of love, friendship, and life.

Premiered in 1978, the movie revived the musical genre on the big screen and influenced a whole generation. Since then countless plays and remakes have been made from Broadway to the West End, including of course, a lot of schools.

Even if the story is predictable, the music, the dance, the sets, and wardrobe still keep it relevant to this day. But if we want to be honest, this daydream world where “innocence and romance” still have a place maybe hasn’t left us the most accurate or best life lessons. In fact, we can say that the movie is full of behaviors that we’d probably disapprove today. So, I rewatch the movie and got 5 tips for the real life that we can get from Grease:

  • Watch your words. Think before you speak and much more before you act!

It is true, people like to talk. And is also true that people can talk behind your back. News, good and bad, run fast. So you better look after what you say, where you say it, and to whom. I do not mean you mistrust everyone, but I do think that sometimes is better to have few friends that you know you can trust instead of telling everything to everyone. Either way, you must always think before you speak or act. If your friends ask you to do something that doesn’t resonate with who you are and your values: do not do it! Instead, explain to them your point of view and why you won’t do it. Do not try to impress others. Remember, the only one that you need to impress is yourself.

  •            Boys … will always be boys?

Unfortunately, still in 2018, we’re facing stereotypes like the one that says a man can’t show his feelings. Men still feel that the best way for them to be respected is by being all cocky about themselves even if that means hurting someone else’s feelings. It is time to stop the prejudices and let the boys learn how to express themselves in healthier ways and without fear. As a man, you don’t need to show your manhood by being violent towards others or by having a rebel attitude, or by getting on with loads of girls. It is time to show everyone that men are allowed to be vulnerable, kind and that they must treat women with respect.

  •          Education is first!

Never, ever get your education fro granted! Make your education a priority. I know sometimes school might seem like a waste of time, but education can help you build the foundation for achieving your goals. Look at school as a place where besides learning theory you’ll also be learning values, and social relationship skills that will help you during the rest of your life. Do not forget that if you decide to pursue a professional career, you’ll have your whole life to do what you’re most passionate about but please do not become a high school dropout.

  •            Look out for your friends

In this time and age social media makes easier the interaction within those around you and it’s easy to get lost between all your followers, likes and shares but developing and keeping real friendships has become a privilege. It is true people change when they grow up, goals may drive you in different directions, but learn to identify those that have been by your side in the good and bad times, the ones that are always there to support you and never let them go. Get together, share important, meaningful moments in your life, learn from each one and other, talk about your different interests, dance and laugh more.

  •          Be yourself! Never change for a boy… or for anyone!   

I know human beings want to belong. It is a basic need. There will be a lot of times where you’ll want to belong to a certain group, where you’ll want to be liked or recognized by others. Well, I got some news for you: there will always be someone, somewhere that maybe won’t like you, but do not take it personal. Keep true to yourself, don’t try to change just to fit in. There will always be someone else that will appreciate your virtues, your flaws and will love spending time with you.

You must not forget the script of the musical was based in the 50’s so it is actually nice to see how far we’ve come from that lifestyle and how new generations keep changing. Now with an open mind, enjoy the movie and also, don’t forget to dance all those amazing tunes with your friends!


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